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CS Tools NEW Chipbreaker Composite Cutter

61C-193 Series 3 Flute Upcut Chipbreaker Composite Spiral Cutter

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CS Tools NEW Composite Cutter

61X-193 Series 3 Flute Composite Spiral Cutter

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We’re building a bank of the most frequently asked CNC tooling questions so you can access them at any time. As we hear new questions this section will grow, and grow. If there’s anything you want to know about and can’t find the answer please contact us on 01329 246070 or by clicking on the below.

Which is the best door cutter tool?

If you’re looking to cut the lock set and light openings a solid carbide compression door bit like the 3900 series is ideal. This tool was also designed to cleanly cut the top and bottom edge on all common wood doors.

Can my wood catch fire when using a CNC router?

Have you ever seen a film set in the past where a fire is started by the friction caused by turning wood quickly against a stone? Working with a CNC router could be seen as a super sized version of this with the tool spinning round in wood at between 3,000 and 24,000 RPM. So in a simple answer yes your wood can set on fire when using a CNC router but it’s unlikely if you follow these tips:

  • With each new job, take a look at our feeds and speeds calculator first
  • Don’t leave your CNC router unattended
  • Clear away chips (this is like kindling!)
  • And always ensure you have a working fire extinguisher close by just in case.

Why use Brad point drill bits?

Brad point drill bits are used for creating clean straight entry holes in wood, wood composites and laminated plastic (always check that you have the appropriate drill bit for the material you are working with).

The benefit of a brad point tool is that due to its central point it doesn’t wonder. This results in the perfect sized hole for a pin to sit in when creating shelving or furniture that will slot together.

Why use a speeds and feeds calculator when working with a CNC machine?

Because it puts less pressure on the tool and therefore extends the tool life. You will also get the best result first time and create less material wastage from potentially having to do the job again. It may also mean that you only need to use one tool to get the desired look and therefore will save you time. All you need are the speed RPM, number of flutes, material and tool diameter. Click here to see our free calculator.

Which is the best CNC engraver tool?

The 37-00 and 37-20 series will engrave soft and hard wood, soft and hard plastics, acrylic and solid surfaces. These tools are ideal for very detailed jobs. V Point tools like the 3800 series are great for larger engraving jobs.

How do I get the best finish on a shaker kitchen cabinet door?

There are specialist tools available to first rough out the central panel like the Insert Shaker Door Cutter. You would then use a series of smaller diameter tools to square up and neaten ready for varnishing or painting.

I’m cutting a laminate, which is the best tool for this?

Laminated wood poses its own complications because it is an abrasive material that can significantly shorten tool life.
Compression tools like the CS Tool The 31X-190 Series Solid Carbide Compression Spiral offers strength and durability, as does the Vortex 3100, 3100M, 3100XP and 3200 series tools. All have an up and downcut in the flute ensuring a great top and bottom finish as they prevent chipping or ‘fuzzing’.

What are Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) router bits used for?

PCD tools are strong and tough offering an excellent surface finish. They are perfect for cutting materials like fire resistant MDF when even solid carbide tools would burn out after cutting a few sheets.

See our full PCD blog here.