Why Use Solid Carbide Tooling

Why Use Solid Carbide Tooling


Because of some unique cutting tool properties.  Solid carbide spiral tools produce the best edge qualities of any cutting tool design available. Additionally solid carbide router bits produce great edge qualities at the fastest feed rates possible with any type of routing tools.


Upcut Spirals

Solid Carbide Upcut Spiral Router Cutter Tool

The upcut  spiral is a right-hand spiral with the right-hand rotation of cut.  An upcut spiral will cause the chips to be ‘augered’ upwards during cutting. This can be particularly useful in slotting cuts or where chip removal is a problem.  Upcut spiral tools have a tendency to ‘lift’ the part in some cases. Additional holding power or stepped cutting depths may be required.

Upcut spiral bits will leave a smooth cut on the bottom of a thru-cut and tend to leave some fuzzing on the top edge in certain materials

Upcut spirals straight plunge/drill and have good end cutting geometry.


Downcut spirals

Solid Carbide Downcut Spiral Router Cutter Tool

A downcut spiral (right hand cut, left-hand spiral) causes the chip flow to be directed downward. It also holds the part being cut down. The edge quality on the part is smooth on the top and tends to be fuzzy on the bottom of certain materials.

The downward chip flow can sometimes cause clogging problems particularly in blind slotting situation. Downward bits tend to preload the routing system and can substantially improve part hold down in a marginal routing setup.

Downcut tools cannot be used to plunge straight into wood.


Compression spirals

Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Router Cutter Tool

A compression spiral is designed with both uncut and downcut flutes. The upcut and downcut flutes compress the material being cut preventing chipping or fuzzing on the top and bottom of the cut.

Compression spirals are used extensively for cutting double sided laminates, but can be used on natural woods where edge fuzzing is a problem.


For specific advice about the best tooling to use for your specific CNC Router, material, product and output rates please contact us.

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