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When you purchase a CNC Router you can expect to see an increase in productivity as well as consistently being able to repeat a part perfectly. So the first question to ask is ‘do I need a knife attachment?’ What if you can increase your customer offering and potentially the quality by adding the ability to cut with a knife blade onto your router?

Why would you want a knife on your CNC router?

You can use a knife by hand to cut a material but having the addition of a knife option offers you the cut speed and precision of a CNC machine. It also expands your scope of work, offering new revenue streams.

With some routers the addition of a knife can come as an add on but predominantly to have the most options you need to think about what you need and what you want to offer as a service before purchase because it will dictate which machine you buy. There are several materials which a CNC Router will struggle to cut, these tend to be thinner, less robust materials which could result in a poor finish.

What can I cut on my router with the addition of a knife?

Firstly there are several different types of knife blades, all designed to cut different materials or thicknesses, there are also blades designed for different CNC brands. This can feel a little daunting so we’ve tried to breakdown what knife works best with which material.

What can I cut with an oscillating knife?

Oscillating knives are an important addition to anyone looking to cut materials like foam, corrugated plastic, rubber and cardboard. These materials can be challenging for a router to cut but the motion of the oscillating knife moves through the material with ease, delivering clean edges.

What can I cut with a drag knife?

A drag knife can cut anything a Stanley knife can cut, without cramp in the hand and with accuracy. A drag knife is an ideal tool for cutting rubber, vinyl and thicker card.

What can I cut with a V-Cut knife?

A V-cut knife allows you to cut at various sharp angles in foamboard and fibreboard, offering precise clean cuts.

What can I cut with a Tangential knife

Tangential knives are robust and created to work with harder, thicker materials which a drag knife would struggle with. A tangential knife follows the plot lines of a shape, it can lift up from the material releasing any strain, rotate its angle and be replaced offering clean, sharp edges.

In conclusion there are several materials with which you will get the best finish with a knife. The addition of a knife also allows you to quickly switch between routing and knife cutting on one machine, offering greater cutting choice.

We have a range of knife blades specific to your CNC router but if in doubt please call our customer services team on 01329 246070.

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